About Us

Japanese Maxx, an upscale Japanese style restaurant with a focus on grilling, opened its doors in Los Angeles’s downtown in June of 1995. Our passion is sharing authentic cuisine and first class Japanese style hospitality with the world. Since we opened, our menu has continued to evolve innovatively while maintaining a strong sense of integrity to our original concept.

We invite you to experience Japanese Maxx’s bounty of fresh fish and seafood harvested from various locations worldwide. Whether enjoyed as sashimi or prepared whole through one of JapaneseMaxx’s original recipes, we at JapaneseMaxx feel confident that our customers will taste the difference that lies in the stellar quality of our carefully selected fish and seafood. We are no less fastidious when it comes to our meat and vegetable choices – we use only the best. Our recently updated menu boasts over one hundred items, including JapaneseMaxx’s creative new take on an old favorite to our brand new grilled seafood skewers.

We offer over 100 kinds of carefully selected sakes, various authentic tapas-style dishes, and homemade desserts.

All you have to do now is step through our doors; the rest is up to us. A delicious JapaneseMaxx experience awaits.